Friday, December 3, 2010

My Tech Habits are OK , I know I text a lot , talk on the phone a lot , watch TV a lot , and play the video game a lot. I don't spend a lot of money texting on my phone because it is unlimited and i don't pay my phone bill. I text morning , noon , and night and it dosen't destract me. When im doing my home work im always texting but it never get in the way from me finishing with im doing. textingmight be a destraction to some peope but its not to me. me getting ddestractedx barely happens. I watch TV all day when im in the house and I don't care. i always get done what i have to get done and sometimes the TV helps me out.

Playing video games is a big habit. some get people destracted so much by video games that they never get nothing done. Video games can get you fired, make you fail a class, lose study time and all types of things. Like I said i never get destracted so I could play video games all day. The computer is another big habit because there are games, social net works and a hole lot of other things on the internet. My grades are good in school so i guess these things are not a destraction.

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